Event, Lifestyle & Creative Photography 

Having a picture taken means more than just a camera and some nice lighting. When you imagine a photo you secretly crave many things; the highlights of your life, the dim lights of the night, the shadows of corners untouched, or the depth of a friendship or loved one. Family photos, beautiful weddings, friends gathering together after many years, your neighbourhood; it is all within a touch of your fingertips and the perfect lens.

When you want to do more than just capture a beautiful moment, if you desire to show the world a newly designed project or a new line of fashion, you have expectations for the future. My ambition is to create and deliver beautiful photos for individuals, groups, local communities, agencies and businesses. Onnaluna will showcase your family, product, music album, event, or project with quality and excitement.

Creativity photography is being able to say what words cannot. It is a way to embrace, encompass, and express. I would love to help you produce images and show the world who you are. My style is yours. Live. Love. Be happy.


Located in Edmonton, Alberta. Always willing to travel.

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